Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Brilliant German choreographer Pina Bausch died today in Wuppertal. She was 68.

Images from Bausch's The Rite of Spring performed by the Wuppertal Dance Theater.


Images from Adventure to Motherhood, J. Allan Offen, M.D., 1964


Images by Erin Jane Nelson see her photostream here.


From the fashion feature 100% Fashion in the June 2009 issue of W magazine.

The Fit

images from Nové Domácí Léčení, date unknown

Crazy Women

Poster for the 1955 Mexican film El Medico de las Locas

Violent Women

Book cover from Fabulon

Monday, June 22, 2009

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink \ Alison Maclean [1989] from veana on Vimeo.

Thanks to Troy Collins for sending me this gritty, little, gem.


Images by Katherine Squier, see her photostream here.

Double Monsters

From the chapter Twins; Double Monsters and Teratology, Human Embryology, by Bradley M. Patten, 1953

Thursday, June 18, 2009


MIRROR / HORROR Slide Talk & Film Screening at Machine Project
Sunday, June 21st, 2009, 8pm

Trinie Dalton recently released her zine anthology, MYTHTYM (Picturebox), a compendium of three handmade books on mythological themes that collect the work of over 50 artists and writers. MIRROR HORROR is the first section in the book, a 100-page treatise on the topic of mirrors in art and cinema. This evening will entail a slide talk on mirrors in art history, focusing on witchcraft and magic, and Dalton will discuss her collection of Giallo horror film stills. For the second half of the event, Dalton will screen short animations by various artists. MYTHTYM will be available for purchase.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Font Fetish

Daisy de Villeneuve

Pete Hall

Ceri Amphlett

Maureen Eli

Type Tart Cards from Wallpaper Magazine's Sex Issue.

Tart cards are the means by which many London prostitutes advertise their services. Step into almost any central London phone box and you can contemplate up to 80 cards inviting you to be tied, teased, spanked or massaged.

In conjunction with St Bride Library and Type, we asked designers – from students to superstars – to find the tart hiding in every type and create their own graphic numbers. Along with a selection in the magazine, all 450 cards can be viewed

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Photographs by Olivia Frølich


I try to visualize how a feeling of touch or taste look like, I abstract objects to understand their relation to one another. Dust particles in the air, blades of grass, sensations registered by hairs on the body - I immerse into configurations that are confusing and transcendental - bodies and ideas that exist in-between being and not-being, inside and outside, certainty and vagueness, reality and theory.
-excerpt from Anastasia Ugorskaya's artist statement

Girl, color pencil on paper, 9" x 11", 2007

Pomegranate, watercolor on paper, 60" x 40", 2007

Sticks, watercolor on paper, 54" x 35 ", 2007

Red Pomegranate

Images by Milania Braslavsky.


images from Nové Domácí Léčení, date unknown

Monday, June 8, 2009