Monday, May 4, 2009


Bazooka,  2009, enamel on metal,  76 x 114 inches 

Snake Charmer, 2009,  enamel on metal,  27 x 48 inches 

Marylin Minter traffics in the true meaning of glamour as she charms us through her alluring, erotically charged works. Her large scale pantings and photographs portray sensual surfaces composed of skin, glitter, and grime. The images are wet, as if fluids are seeping from beneath the skin out onto the exterior of the body. Minter exploits the tension between the beautiful and the grotesque as she exposes the visceral body as a site of glimmering decay.

Minter's works are on view at Salon 94 Freemans until June 13, 2009. Her video project Green Pink Caviar is on view in Times Square as part of the Creative Time's project Chewing Color through May 31.

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