Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blood Work

In 1985, the artist Ana Mendieta fell naked, thirty-four floors, from the window of her apartment in New York City. The only person with her at the time was her husband of only eight months, the renowned sculptor and art world celebrity, Carle Andre. Was her fall an accident, suicide or murder? ‘BloodWork’ is a cinematic exploration of the psyche of the artist, the creation of her unique and seminal Art, and the mysterious and controversial circumstances of her untimely death. ‘BloodWork’ combines interviews with scholars, Mendieta’s friends, peers and meticulous recreations of thirty of her most important Art works. Its central themes are mortality, the desire to leave a trace of one’s ephemeral existence and macabre images depicting violent crime scenes, including graphic images of rape and female victimization. Did her works foreshadow her demise? ‘BloodWork’ explores the connections between life, art and interpretations of the truth.

Blood Work synopsis from Director Richard More's website.

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