Sunday, November 8, 2009


Encrusted Lace, menstrual blood and glass beads on antique lace and silk

Cathedral Stained Window, fabric and menstrual blood
Jacquelyn Rixon's artist statement:

I incorporate notions of the visceral: blood-staining - the alluring body. Mine is a public show of things deemed impolite by my society. Menstruation is to be dealt with quietly still.

For years I have created with soap and hair, enthralled by the materials and their implications.I began to use my menstrual blood more recently, acknowledging that I entered my forties with menses intact, knowing I'll leave without them. My aim is always to produce work that is beautiful and enticing; to draw in the viewer before the materiality of the piece is revealed and a reaction provoked. This play of seduction and subsequent repulsion interests me greatly.

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