Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ghost Story

Paintings by Emma Bennett.


  1. Everybody who is anybody, is being tied to NEVADA MOBSTERS.
    And that includes GROSS and her " ROYAL MAJESTY".
    And DASSAULT and REDPATH have been hit by IRA- PLO.
    So , whoever has the books on the QUEEN, can " WINIT".
    I think somebody said MEESE already did that.
    But who knows?
    It's anybody's " throne game" right now, with all the info.
    HETU could be the big draw because he knew LA- WASHINGTON - NICE.
    And not only does he have the HYDRA info, he has CAPESSIN and
    SYN SEA 7.
    They call that SYNIST.
    He's got it all.
    He could very well destroy the QUEEN.

  2. Stunning! Cindy, I really enjoy your blog. I would love to invite you to view my website www.dawnbreeze.com and artworks.

  3. Dawn, your work is beautiful! I'd love to make a post here sometime soon.

  4. Cindy, Please do! Thank you-it would be an honor and pleasure to be included in your blog. Do you have an email/or other way of being in touch off of this comment list?