Monday, March 16, 2009


In Fairytales the word Twilight invokes the time between day and night, the gloaming or dusk when people can cross over to the other side willingly or unwilling. In this new work I see myself as a raconteur telling stories filtered through the lense of fairytales and daily life. Using fairytales to come to terms with the dilemmas of ones inner life and day-to-day musings. Fairytales can be tales of wonder and at the same time cautionary tales. In these works I am exploring the ideas of transformation and duality through a variety of media and materials. The realm of the natural world that surrounds me in my upstate microcosm is very connected to the realm of my visual world and the process of telling these my stories.
from Valerie Hammond's artist statement, works below by the artist

Garland, Relief printed lithograph, glass beads, 
thread on handmade Kozo paper, 72" x 48", 2007

Glimmer, Graphite, pigment,wax, thread, glass beads 36" x 72" 2008

Transition, Wax, silk, wire, 7" x 5" x 17", 2008

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