Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hero and Badie

Mark examines power shifts --not totalitarian power or repressive regimes, but rather small actions that beget or lose small amounts of power, among individuals. The artwork asks the viewer to consider why the characters are in particular positions, making particular gestures, what happened or is about to happen, whether characters are winning or losing ground, and what other shifts, physical or psychological, might occur.
Calla Thompson, artist statement for the Mark series

Calla Thompson, Untitled, (darts), 22 x 27", pigmented inkjet print 

Calla Thompson, Untitled (darts), detail

Calla Thompson, Untitled (darts) detail

Calla Thompson's sinister and playful works will be on display March 21-April 18, 2009 at Project 4, 1353 U Street, 3rd floor, Washington, DC 20009. Opening reception Sunday, March 21, 6:00-8:30pm

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  1. Clever use of a diptych, great balance (composition/power).