Sunday, April 26, 2009


dreamy gaze girl looking in the ghost house
2008, woodblock, 150 x150cm

dreamy gaze girl 6, 2008, woodblock, 91 x91cm

girl and rock, 2009, woodblock, 150 x150cm

bury deep in the ground, 2009, woodblock,  220 x242cm

Japanese artist Kenichi Yokono makes elaborate images through a process of woodblock carving. While woodblock is a traditional printing making form, Yokono kills the possibility of the multiple when he stills the process and presents the slab of wood as his art. His images, rendered in gleaming white and crimson red, reference comic books and slasher films and often portray scantily clad women alone in the woods. The doom is impending, as the solitary women are enveloped by their blood drenched environments; like a still from a horror movie, danger is always implicit. 

Yokono's works are on view at Mark Moore Gallery until May 16, 2009. You can read an interview with the artist at

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