Monday, April 6, 2009

Dirt Eater

This is me. Be careful., performance, 2007

The costumes and props that I create (what I call supernatural conductors) involve antiquated things that were used in former eras, especially by women: objects that revolt against former utilitarian and decorative expectations and take on new hybrid roles in the context of the work. I am trying on innumerable roles and personas and "haunting" a place or space with those characters within paintings and performances. The process involves camouflaging my body; merging with or dissolving into a place or space- perhaps becoming more like an animal or plant, as a way of intercepting lost power and destabilizing static notions of the female body and the natural realm.

- from Shana Robbins artist statement

Becoming a Tree, 10" x 13", collage, ink and dirt on paper, 2007

Dirt Eater, 10" x 13", collage, ink, and dirt on paper, 2007

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