Friday, April 24, 2009

Playing House

Holly Andres stages quiet and introspective moments of childhood in her photographic series, Stories from a Short Street. 

Amber, 2006 Fuji Crystal Archive Print 31" x 39"

Ashley, 2006 Fuji Crystal Archive Print 31" x 39"

Fiona II, 2006 Fuji Crystal Archive Print 31" x 39"

Stories From a Short Street is an on-going photo project inspired by the unique experience of growing up as the youngest of 10 children. For this series, I have created a fictitious group of siblings that are loosely based on archetypes of my own family. Each image is constructed to enact a specific moment, communicate identity through space, and depict a psychological portrait.

My photo process has been informed and influenced by my early training in traditional painting, my interest in religious Renaissance art, and my nostalgia for childhood television programs such as the After School Specials and Little House on the Prairie.

I am interested in revisiting, recreating and preserving history, and am fascinated with the interweaving of fact and fiction, and finding a place in which autobiography and fictitious narration come together.
-Holly Andres, Artist Statement 

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